Dean of Student Life

  • George Washington Academy
  • Casablanca, Casablanca-Settat, Morocco
  • Jan 10, 2018
Dean of Students Other

Job Description

Overview: In conjunction with the Upper School Principal, assumes responsibility and accountability for planning, developing, communicating, and implementing programs, activities and initiatives designed to assist students and coaches in realizing their potential by modeling integrity, compassion and excellence in health, athletics and other activities.


Reports to: Upper School Principal


Works closely with: Head of School, Principals, Coaches, After School Activities Coordinator, and school nurse



  • Build a sustainable model for Upper School Athletics
  • Recommends budgetary items to administration for next school year. Stay within the parameters of budget and seek approval for any expenses beyond the scope of the budget.
  • Review and define the direction and goals of the Athletic programs within the school
  • Recruit and assign all coaches from the GWA contracted staff where possible.
  • Facilitate the training and mentoring of an effective coaching staff
  • Serve as a mentor to all Head coaches and model the role of a Head Coach by selecting one varsity sport to coach for a full season. (One coaching role includes a stipend increase. Any additional coaching done is considered part of the AD’s role.)
  • Attend all MASAC Athletic Director Meetings and Tournaments
  • Setup and coordinate practice schedules for each sport
  • Coordinate all ‘Friendly’ competitions between GWA and other schools for GWA’s varsity, junior varsity, and middle school sports.
    • Make transportation arrangements
    • Set up officials, facilities, etc. for home games/matches
    • Chaperone games if needed
    • Notify teachers of students’ absences
  • Oversee any MASAC tournaments hosted by GWA.
    • Contact GWA head of security
    • Notify maintenance department
    • Notify school administrators
    • Notify Nurse’s office to arrange medical and first aid coverage
    • Coordinate student and parent volunteers
    • Arrange for music and/or a public address system
  • Present all athletes with a copy of the “Student Athletes’ Expectations” policy.
  • Ensure that all athletes have turned in the “GWA Athlete Contract” prior to the first game of their sport.
  • Enforce the GWA Athletic Eligibility Policy
    • Review and update the policy yearly
    • Get list of team members from coaches and compare against last quarter grades
    • If needed, arrange a committee of coaches and teachers to review the situations of students who are ineligible
  • Publicize all GWA Athletic events
    • Announce the try-outs of each season
    • Announce all upcoming friendly games & tournaments
  • Turn in request for payment of coaching stipends at the end of each season
  • Turn in names of the participants of each sport to the Finance office so that students can be billed for the athletic participation fee
  • Organize GWA Upper School Sports Night/Banquet



  • Coordinate all arrangements for GWA Athletics including MASAC tournaments. Make transportation and lodging arrangements
    • Notify teachers of students absences
    • Chaperone all tournaments
  • Coordinate all arrangements for GWA upper school trips (international and local trips)


Student Life:

  • Build a sustainable model for all extracurricular activities
  • Serve as a lead coordinator of the annual Summer Camp as part of a planning committee. A stipend is offered for up to 2 weeks spent working during the Summer Camp.
  • Assists with MSA Accreditation goals that encompass student life
  • Coordinate the GWA Upper School CASA program
    • Announce events during the year that students can participate in to earn CASA hours
    • Assign all students a CASA advisor
    • Give presentations to new High School students about the CASA program
  • Model the character traits that GWA strives to develop in its students, including: integrity, excellence, respect, and honesty.
  • Organizes annual club fair
  • Assists in organizing the upper school advisory program
  • Helps organize assemblies, pep rallies, and large student events
  • Liaison/Supervisor to the After School Activities program in collaboration with other school faculty/staff.
  • Assists with discipline for upper school students
  • Assist with Upper School Administrative duties as assigned.


Equipment and Facilities:

  • Recommends budgetary items to administration for next school year. Stay within the parameters of budget and seek approval for any expenses beyond the scope of the budget.
  • Oversee the purchase, usage, storage, etc. of all athletic equipment and uniforms
  • Is accountable for all equipment. Collects the cost of any equipment lost or not returned.
  • Arranges for issuing and storing of equipment and submits an annual inventory and current records.
  • Provides proper safeguards for maintenance and protection of assigned equipment.
  • Monitors locker room, equipment room, offices and authorizes who may enter.
  • Secures all doors, lights, windows and locks before leaving campus after athletics and after school events occur.


Minimum Qualifications:

Successful instructional experience at an upper school level

Strong understanding of young adolescent developmental issues and needs

Clear ability to foster effective relationships between and among students, parents and staff

Outstanding communication and organizational skills

Masters Degree preferred


This is an eleven-month position.


Start Date

Aug 01, 2018