STEM and Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking and Design Thinking Volunteers/Interns

$100 - $500 monthly
  • Alabuga International School
  • Yelabuga, Tatarstan, Russia
  • Oct 08, 2018
Teacher Biology Chemistry Computing Design and Technology Engineering

Job Description

Alabuga International School (AIS) offers Volunteering/Internship Programs to the students for senior students, graduates or postgraduates in any period starting from November 2018.

Alabuga International School is the first International School in the Volga region (Russian Federation, Republic of Tatarstan) and the fifth that has been granted an official membership in the Council of International Schools (CIS), a premium organization of international education. The status of CIS member school demonstrates AIS’s commitment to international standards of the school operation, teaching and learning processes: school governance, staffing, professional development of the faculty, financial backing, and safety, medical and household services. The teaching in AIS is provided through International Baccalaureate (PYP). The history of our school has started in 2014 and today the number of students is about 150, from 2 to 10 years old.

Being IB school AIS seeks creative and outstanding individuals to volunteer or have an internship in our school with the opportunity to lead research and scientific work. We focus on STEM (Math/Robotics), Biotech (Biology/Chemistry/Science), Design thinking, Emotional Intelligence, consequently, candidates are expected to assist in these fields.

AIS Volunteering/Internship program aims to encourage students to become active, caring, lifelong learners who demonstrate respect for themselves and others and have the capacity to participate in the world around them and we believe this to be of paramount importance for the society as schoolchildren, students and youth in a town of Yelabuga and its vicinity will be able to take part in our program. There is the largest Special Economic Zone in Russia – ‘Alabuga’ recognized the best in Europe by ‘fDi Intelligence’ magazine of ‘Financial Times’ group just 10 miles from the town. The residents of Sp.Ec. Zone ‘Alabuga’ are such world-famous companies as Ford, Armstrong, Rockwool, 3M and others. We also consider it our mission according to a new strategy to nurture kids to be educated enough for local opportunities and global challenges..

Volunteers/Interns will be provided with full-day nutrition, free accommodation, travel expenses, pocket money and unique working-experience in a very heart of Russia, Republic of Tatarstan.

AIS takes seriously its obligation to help its volunteers/interns grow professionally once they join the school and offers a dynamic professional development program anchored in research. If desired, volunteers/interns are welcome to collaborate with Special Economic Zone as well.

Hereby, we are looking forward to mutual cooperation.

Job Description

Start Date

Dec 01, 2018

Benefits Package

travel expenses, accomodation and food is covered.