Oxford Manor College, Abuja

  • Oxford Manor College’s tutorial-style academic introduction to secondary school for Year 7 is a unique programme that employs an international outlook. This is particularly evident in our specialised curriculum, and our global approach to education, leadership and service. We provide a unique program of strong support and guidance to help our scholars settle into secondary school. In Year 8 we continue a strong emphasis on core, compulsory units so there is a real focus on your child’s academics literacy, numeracy and study skills are further developed into a strong foundation for the senior years.


    In Year 9 and 10 scholars are expected to become increasingly self-reliant in their learning, they have had an opportunity to sample all areas of study and have gained an understanding of their own particular areas of interest and ability.

    Oxford Manor College’s ethos is bound in its traditional values reflecting the culture and rich heritage of Nigeria, while also teaching our children to be outward-looking and aware of the community and world in which they live. We work to provide a safe and exciting environment for every scholar. Our social and emotional support at OMC is outstanding and is at the heart of all we do. We strive to mould happy, transparent family environment for all our scholars to enjoy all aspects of their schooling. The result is a warm and friendly family atmosphere, in which children learn the joy of learning.

    Secondary school is a transitional time in the life of your child, from childhood to adulthood. At Oxford Manor College, we believe that positive relationships with a teacher will yield positive results in the life of your child. We work hard, with our teachers, to ensure they have a combination of professionalism and understanding of the requirements of a growing teenager. Our college motto is taken from a poem written by William Ernest Henley. This is a poem about overcoming and was a great inspiration to Nelson Mandela. “Invictus” is the title, which is from the Latin language, and means “Unconquerable”. At Oxford Manor College, we believe in the ability of every child to pursue his/her dreams while successfully completing a secondary education.