Nansha College Preparatory Academy

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about Nansha College Preparatory Academy (NCPA).  All of us here on the NCPA team are proud of our school and the noteworthy accomplishments of our students.  NCPA offers a very unique opportunity for Chinese national students to experience an international education.  We believe that our school blends together the very best elements of China and North America in an innovative, educational setting.  Our staff of highly trained instructors teaches a U.S-accredited, English language-based curriculum to a talented, student body drawn from across China.

Our mission is to deliver a comprehensive education to our students that will empower them to achieve academic success here and in college. The NCPA experience begins with a rigorous academic program where students are challenged and excited by what they learn. Learning is at the heart of everything we do at NCPA. Our philosophy of learning includes social, emotional, physical and character education as well. We believe this holistic approach to education is essential to the future success of your child.

One of the drivers of our students' success has been NCPA's groundbreaking English immersion program.  NCPA is a founding participant in the World Language Initiative (WLI), a program developed by one of our parent organizations, the International Schools Service of Princeton, New Jersey.  Accordingly, our school is very deliberate and intentional in the way we deliver instruction here.  We make a significant investment in staffing every department with EAL specialists who help plan and deliver lessons across the organization and we ensure that effective EAL teaching happens every day. NCPA's attention to building literacy in English and leveraging students’ native Chinese is the key to unlocking content in our courses.