Foothills Community Christian School

Foothills Community Christian School (FCCS) is a non-denominational school located in Great Falls, Montana which provides education for Pre-K (age 4) students through 12th grade. FCCS is the only non-denominational PK-12 school in the city. Foothills is independently owned and operates our facility and educational programs with oversight of a Board of Directors. The board is elected by the membership of our school which consists of families whose children are enrolled or individuals who wish to purchase an annual membership.  33 local churches are represented in Foothills families. Our facility is located at 2210 5th Avenue North, Great Falls, MT 59401.

Vision, Mission, Values and Goals

At Foothills we believe that the Bible is the foundation for all truth. Our entire curriculum is Bible based. We believe in the importance of family and we help to involve the entire family in the child’s education.

Our Vision

UNcommon Education for Life

Our Mission

We assist parents in providing a Christ-centered education that values exceptional academics, strong moral character, and service to others.


Our Core Values – L.E.A.R.N.


*  Challenging students to excel in responsibility, work ethic, integrity, and moral decision-making

*  Developing critical thinkers with a Biblical worldview

*  Understanding our important influence to the community


* High educational standards

* Strong commitment to developing each student’s educational abilities and goals

* Motivating students to pursue their God-given gifts, talents, and skills


* Encouraging students toward a Christian worldview by integrating their faith, learning, and knowledge

* Teaching and implementing the Christian’s role in evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship


* Commitment to modeling and encouraging a culture of love (as demonstrated by Jesus Christ)

* Promoting genuine and authentic relationships

* Believing strong parental involvement is a key to overall student success


* Promoting a low student to teacher ratio

* Educators devoted to creating a school of love, community, and service to others

 Future Goals

Our school is currently focusing on growth of both our student population and facilities.  We have identified needs for physical space and are exploring opportunities to improve our current facility or secure finances to build or purchase another venue in Great Falls.  In three to five years, our goal is to increase enrollment to more than 200 students, make significant improvements to our facility and add additional course options in our high school.

To achieve these goals, we will continue to extend our marketing and outreach efforts in our community through school events as well as a focus on service by and through our students. 


Historical Overview

Foothills Community Christian School was formed by an initial group of parents from within the Great Falls community in 1996. An interim board was appointed and began drafting the Mission Statement. The original mission statement was “FCCS is a community based Christian school dedicated to assisting parents in providing a quality Christian education based upon the authoritative, inerrant word of God. FCCS strives to develop the whole person for the glory of God through a disciplined environment demonstrating God’s love. FCCS will equip students to thoughtfully examine every aspect of life through a Christian world view. The staff will serve as role models through their Christian walk, professional excellence, and spiritual growth”. The statement was presented to the entire parent group, voted on, and was passed in August of 1996. The constituency accepted the Statement of Faith in September of 1996 and updates were made to that document in 2016. Subsequently, the bylaws, which included the philosophy and objectives, were developed by the interim board and adopted by all the parents in December of 1996. With this foundation, the school opened its doors to students in the fall of 1997 offering Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade classes.

 With the input of teaching staff and administrator, a revision of the Mission Statement was completed in June of 2001 as follows: “to assist parents by providing a biblically directed education that will instill in students excellence in education, moral character, and service to others.” Additional changes were made and adopted in the fall of 2014 which is our current mission statement “to assist parents in providing a Christ-centered education that values exceptional academics, strong moral character, and service to others”. In 2000, the decision was made by the School Board to add a high school program. One grade was added each year growing to a full 9th-12th grade program by 2004. We have been accredited by ACSI in 2005 and 2011.

The school began in 1997 at Harvest Springs Community Church and shared the church facility but has always been independently operated. When presented with the opportunity to purchase its own facility, the board opted to move into the current location at 2210 5th Avenue North in the fall 2002. We now serve approximately 160 students in Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. 33 local churches are currently represented within our student body