Griffin International Academy

Griffin International Academy (GIA) is the first K-12 school in Chengdu to enroll both Chinese and international students. GIA is an international residential college preparatory community offering mentorship between older and younger students to develop academic, emotional, and social excellence. We aim to develop a culturally rich student body, integrating an appreciation for Chinese philosophy, culture, and identity into the globally-influenced school curriculum. At GIA, we believe that a school is more than just a classroom. We believe it is a community where students learn as much about themselves and how to communicate with others as they do about the world. We believe that when a child feels like they belong and are accepted, they are more likely to perform better in school and in life. Our core school philosophy focuses on our students' journeys toward the fulfillment of their talents, skills, and potentials in developing confidence, drive, and purpose. We believe that our success is measured by the extent to which our students develop a healthy approach to failure, independent thinking, humility, empathy, gratitude, and self-acceptance.